Hi! I'm My Cecilia.


I am a Digital Content Designer, born 1992 in Stockholm, Sweden where I still live.

I love illustrating and creative brainstorm meetings, but also working with campaigns, branding and concept.

Besides work, I love cooking, go to the movies, watch tv-series and singing and dancing by myself in my apartment. 

I'm also a mentor to a 14-year old girl through the organisation Mentor.


Right now I work as a freelancer. For the moment I'm on one longer commitement at the advertising agency Ruth until the end of 2019. Whilst I'm workning with some smaller assignments for other clients on the side.


I have studied Digital Content Design at Medieinstitutet for 2 years, and done two internship (10 & 16 weeks) as a Digital Content Designer. First at the event and brand experience agency Nine Yards for in 2018. And then at the communication agency Tomorro in 2019.

I have been working with marketing and different projects and events since 2011.


Besides working as marketing assistant and coordinator I have volunteered at a women jour and started up and took care of a girls group for the 8th graders in Sturebyskolan. 

I have also had my own podcast from 2013 – 2018.

Things I love

The Adobe Suit, filming, audio editing and I am full of creative ideas and energy!

Adobe package and Sketch.

Email - mycolsson@gmail.com

Tel - +46 (0) 73 089 70 63

- Avocados, both for eating and plating

- Series, a few of my favorite once are Handmaid's tale, Fleabag

- Musicals, Hamilton and Kristina från Duvemåla are a bit of an obsession of mine

- Cuddling