Feelo - App

Feelo, The Character

Feelo is a character full of feelings!


Feelo shows it’s feelings through the different colors of it’s heart and facial expressions. All feelos are living next to us in another dimension. Everybody has a Feelo attached to them. 

We can’t see them and they can’t see us.

They get connected to us throuqh the rainbow. So everytime you see a rainbow, feelos all over get connected from their dimension to ours to all newborn babies.

Without your Feelo you wouldnt be able to feel anything and without you - feelos wouldn’t survive.


Feelos and humans need eachother!

The thought behind the app is that parents or teachers are going to talk to the children about feelings. 


Both their own feelings and feelings in general. 


Example of questons to ask:

How do you feel today?

What makes someone feel a particular way? 

Have you ever felt like that?

What can make that feeling go away?

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Feelo - The process